The reasoning of ZLR Jewellery Awards 2019

The ZLR JEWELLERY AWARDS 2019 aimed at giving the independent jewellery artists community a voice. We strongly believe that artists do not need representatives and dream-dealers in order to shape their own curriculum and taste.

The ZLR JEWELLERY AWARDS 2019 nominees were:

Fabiana Gadano_(Argentina) / Mario Albrecht_(Germany) / Ildikó Dánfalvi_(Hungary) / Silke Spitzer_(Germany) / Sharareh Aghaei_(Iran/Germany)/ Julia Obermaier_(Germany)/ Xihan Zhai_(China)/ Kira Fritsch_(Germany)/ Gabriele Hinze_(Germany)/ Sofia Eriksson_(Sweden)/ Zeyun Chen_(China/Belgium)/ Laila Marie Costa_(Australia)/ Asa Elmstam_(Sweden)/ Monique Lecouna_ (Argentina)/ Annemiek Steenhuis_(Netherlands)/ Andrea_Auer (Austria)/ Yael Friedman_(Israel)/ Yiping_li_(China)/ Edwin_Charmain _ (Indonesia/UK)/ Lauren Kalman_(USA) / Irene Palomar_(Argentina)/Lilith Becker_(Germany)/ Chloe Valorso_(UK)­/ Bettina Ulitzka_(Germany)/ Julia Obermeier_(Germany)/ Alexandra Hopp_(USA)/ Rachael Colley_(UK)/ Judy McCaig_(Scotland)/ Tatjana Giorgadse_(Georgia/Germany)/ Doris Betz_(Germany) / Rho Tang_(USA)/ Nicole Polentas_(Australia)/ Christian Kiseno_(Colombia/Venezuela)/ Jose Garcia Martin_(Spain)/ Sebastien Carré_(France)/ Dania Chelminsy_(Israel)/ Hebe Argentinieri_(Argentina)/Elin Flognman_(Schweden)/ Nicola Heidemann_(Germany)/ Nanna Doll_Germany).

It was very difficult for the six-member-jury to meet a choice.
We wish we had forty artists residencies to give to the forty amazing jewellery artists who honored us with their trust and enthusiasm. A big Thank You! to all of you for making this event happen!

We have decided that the prizes go to

Christian Kiseno_(Colombia/Venezuela) for his arte_povera like work made with basics and for his understanding of the artist’s role as a political being.

Yael Friedman_(Israel) for her work on nature’s reproduction reproduced by 3D printing which reminded us of a fascinating fusion of the worlds created with lines by M.C.Escher and with words by Italo Calvino.

Dania Chelminsy_(Israel) for promoting ideals of non-conforming beauty that are endangered in Europe nowadays with racism against the “non-normality” growing.

Politics, nature, beauty will always be a top priority for us as visual artists and curators!

Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards aka ZLR Betriebsimperium/FaveLAB
Munich, 18 March 2019




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