Lucere, levis_ Opening_Eγκαινια

Please click on/ Παρακαλώ, πατήστε: Anliza participated recently in the Young Talent section of Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong/ Η Ανλίζα συμμετείχε πρόσφατα ως ανερχομένη εικαστικός στη Διεθνή Εκθεση  Affordable Art του Χονγκ Κονγκ: Picture; Lam Tsz Ching, Humming birds. Advertisements

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Rather sell or rather die?

Would you sell your artwork in ebay or you rather die? Is art important or where you buy it is more important? Does the price turn a work into art? Collectors buy art they love or show off with spending money on things they could get much cheaper at the source? Follow our 12 week […]

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Stella Jae_A Windhorse pulls the thread of life towards Oneness

Pictures: Situti/Windhorse_Stella Jae. Stella Jae’s Artist Residency project “Echoes of Change” is an abstract reflection of the transformation the artist experienced during her fifteen years of travel on every continent. Stella spent several years in mainland China, and the past two years she has have been living in Lhasa – in the autonomous region of […]

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