SMCK #rebel OCT 2020

#SMCK #octoberissue is coming out soon ADVERTISE WITH US #ethicsbeforeaesthetics #mmc_led_art From Beograd 1993 to Novi Sad Cultural Capital of Europe 2021 #neuviemeconcept Paris #TJUL #scratchart #wagnerpreziosen #jewelry #ancientgreekmedicine #egkoimisis #germanyismorethancars #overfishing #jewellery #schmuck #jeromebel_thought_before_art #artmagazine #punk #jewellerymagazine #eusubsidy2destroyart #faith #mimi_moscow_jewelry #jewellery_commemorates_Colombia_killingsPLUS Editor’s Choice: Potters and Pottery of Greece / Gisbert Stach’s Latest Work at […]

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e-Residency: HELEN OF SPARTA

Intensive 4-day virtual residency + workshop + public presentation for visual, multimedia and interdisciplinary artists, jewellery and fashion designers.   Helen, the mythical queen of Sparta, falls in love with the enemy and causes a merciless war. The Helen of Sparta eResidency aims at inspiring eight artists/writers/performers to develop their own updated version of the […]

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Helen’s Dress_e-Residency_A Wrap Up

The e-Residency program “Helen’s Dress” was an innovative answer to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The e-Residency replaced the scheduled, same name, „physical residency“ in Vamvakou (Greece) which had to be canceled. Both the AIR and e-Residency program was designed and curated by visual artists Christoph Ziegler and Loukía Richards aka ZLR Betriebsimperium after a duo’s original idea […]

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Fee free Tele-Moebling! Participate in the indoors art project!

Photos: Moebling by Christoph Ziegler. Cedit: Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler. To participate, please e-mail: For more information, read following text: Visual artist Christoph Ziegler explores the physical and emotional relationship between human body and object or, more precise, between man and furniture. The self portrait series Moebling by the German sculptor and performance […]

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WAR_Comics+Jewlery: St.Barbara

Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler. Ελληνικό κειμενο μετά το αγγλικό. WAR_ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ group show – originally scheduled for Schmuck 2020/Jewellery Week of Munich 2020 – will take place on 5-8 November 2020 at Weltraum Gallery, Munich. In the meanwhile, participants decided to present their work, concepts and thoughts through a different art medium: comics! Comics is often […]

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