Secrets of success or Who killed Greek jewellery? (part 3)

Picture: Cycladic diamond, 2007. Loukia Richards. The necklace was inspired by the patterns of cycladic vases (3rd millenium BC) to be seen at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. The piece was selected/included in ADORN by Amanda Mansell (2008) featuring 130 international contemporary jewellery artists. Credit: Studio Kominis Athens. Greek jewellers’ secrets of success are […]

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Μην φερνετε κουκουβαγιες στην Αθηνα!

Πνύκα _Φωτογραφία Κριστόφ Τσιγκλερ Δεν γνωρίζω περίπτωση Έλληνα καλλιτέχνη, συγγραφέα, μουσικού, ηθοποιού, σκηνοθέτη, σκηνογράφου που να έκανε διεθνή καριέρα χωρίς το έργο του να εκπορεύεται από τα βιώματα και τους συλλογισμους που προέκυψαν από την τριβή του με τον ελληνικό πολιτισμό. Από την Ελλάδα στον κόσμο, θα μπορούσε να ονομαστεί η συνειδητή ή ασυνειδητη στρατηγική […]

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Who killed Greek jewellery? (Part 2)

Loukia Richards,  The Washington Diary, 2008 (Detail). Credit: Studio Kominis Athens. The situation I described in the previous note sounds idyllic: it was not. It was a bubble. EU money was flowing into Greece, the Olympic Games made Athenians feel very optimistic about the future, tourism – Greece’s top industry along with shipping – was […]

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Who killed Greek jewellery? (Part I)

Picture: One of my favorite designs I created exclusively for the Benaki Museum shop in Koubari Street in Kolonaki, Athens. “The guitar player” (2005) was inspired by a 18th century Cretan embroidery from the Benaki Museum’s collection. Hand embroidery on silk and pearls. Photo credit: Studio Kominis Athens. The golden age for contemporary jewellery art […]

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It’s the economy, jewellery artist!

Picture:  “Talisman for Film Noir Lovers”_Loukia Richards, 2013. The picture/caption was published in Germany’s print weekly Die Zeit (appr. 500.000 readers) in 2013 and left a strong digital trace. Hot air or real business? Fairs, weeks, shows, meetings. More events, more Open Calls, more “jewellery VIPs”, more “nurturing jewellery community bondings”, more phantastic opportunities ask […]

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