Rather sell or rather die?

Would you sell your artwork in ebay or you rather die? Is art important or where you buy it is more important? Does the price turn a work into art? Collectors buy art they love or show off with spending money on things they could get much cheaper at the source? Follow our 12 week […]

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Body_Spirit_Inspiration_Rejuvenator_Athens_New Year’s resolutions

Where: Athens, Greece When: Early January 2019 Why: To start 2019 with new energy and fresh ideas to make own resolutions come true. ————————————————— Rejuvenator _Programme: Body_Spirit_Inspiration_Rejuvenation_4 days_32 hours Three-day intensive and playful self exploration and development through a series of performance, movement, music, story telling_ workshops inspired by the Odyssey, the epos of man’s […]

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It is quite impressive that when artists look for “funding”, they usually mean filling out  an application form, put it in a bottle and throw it to the ocean of juries, committees and other bureaucratic instances which will then pick one out of the many – the most convenient, the better – and name the […]

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Kritik und Ideen zur Neuausrichtung: Schmuck-Woche_München

What’s Wrong? Kritik und Ideen zur Neuausrichtung der Schmuck-Austellungswoche in München Christoph Ziegler & Loukia Richards I. Was wollen die Aussteller, was wollen die Besucher? In den vier internationalen Ausstellungsprojekten, die wir zur Schmuck-Austellungswoche präsentiert haben, haben wir mit mehr als achtzig international bekannten Schmuckkünstler*innen und Designern zusammengearbeitet und mit Kollegen und Besuchern, Sammlern, Journalisten […]

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One_Artist_A_Week_Carlotta Sennato: “On the art of subverting.”

Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler Carlotta Sennato’s holistic installation “SUBVERSIVE GAMES” at Π Artworks_ Syntagma_Athens initiated this season’s “One Artist A Week” programme. The programme hosts international artists who wish to live like locals, work like locals, discover Athens like locals and exhibit their work in Athens addressing the local and the global community. For more […]

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