ONLY 10_FaveLAB bonds 2020 available 4 AIR ATHENS


Support our artist initiative FaveLAB and experience Athens rich cultural life at a low budget!
We issue TEN FAVELAB BONDS for 200,00 Euro/ A Bond. Each FaveLAB bond covers Two Weeks of Artist Residency in Athens for one person (accommodation/professional tips_13 nights/14 days).
Deadline for buying a FaveLAB bond is Sunday 15 September 2019.
Artists, designers, crafters, art historians, art lovers qualify to buy one or more FaveLAB bonds.

Each Bond corresponds to Two Weeks of Artist Residency in down town Athens in a (shared) living and working space (Kolonos or Exarcheia). Maximum 2 artists share a studio with own room/shared bathroom and kitchen. Each resident is charged 20 euro cleaning fee upon arrival and a deposit of 50 euro. The latter is returned at the end of the residency.
Buy a FAVELAB BOND by 15 September 2020 and make the reservation whenever you are ready to visit Athens.

FAVELAB BONDS can be used in the period starting on Monday 1 June 2020 and ending on Sunday 27 September 2020. The FAVELAB BONDS period always starts on Monday and ends on Sunday (14 days/13 nights). You may extend your stay in Athens by buying more FAVELAB BONDS for the respecting number of weeks you wish.

To buy a bond, please write to:

All our AIR venues are within walking distance from the very heart of Athens, ideally located next to archaeological sites and museums, as well as bus/metro stations. The sunny, comfortable AIR venues are furnished with new beds, standard flat equipment and artworks. Residents have access to big balconies/terraces.

Have you bought a FAVELAB BOND but you cannot come to Athens during the above mentioned period? You may use your FAVELAB BOND as a 200,00 Euro discount on FaveLAB services including Artist Residency Programmes, Atelier rentals, Exhibition Fees, Workshop fees etc.

Would you like to live, work and have a curated show in Athens together with an artist you do not know yet? Check our FaveLAB_ One+One running for the second year in a row!

FAVELAB BOND holders also enjoy the following privileges:

Free information on the art/design/culture scene of Athens.
Free information on artist supply stores, entry-free cultural venues, cultural highlights.

Answers to often asked questions:

What are the FaveLAB bonds?

Like bonds do in the real economy, FaveLAB bonds help us to fund a project: namely, to renovate the building which houses our headquarters and activities in Athens. We are slowly turning a Bauhaus building into a creative meeting point for international artists and locals.
The neighborhood, Kolonos, is one of the most ancient quarters of Athens – inhabited for over 5,000 years. Around the corner, Plato’s Academy used to attract the creme de la creme of the ancient world, while on the hill on the other side of the building, Oedipus has been swallowed by the earth! It is so real and so mythological at the same time!
We issued 10 FaveLAB bonds and as it is the case with real bonds, you invest your money in a visionary project and you get rewarded by the two AIR-weeks. Deadline – to purchase one or more bonds is 15 September 2019.

What happens if I do not manage to use my FaveLAB bond?

You may make a new reservation for a later date or use it as a 200 euro discount (this is its price) for various offers we make throughout this and next year: more AIRs, workshops, curated shows, works of art.

What if I want to come to Athens on a specific date and there is no availability?

It is going to be really difficult not to find any date available, because we have availibility for 6 artists coming to Greece simultaneously.

And here is more advantages:

a. A FaveLAB bond is cheaper than airbnb

b. rooms are decorated with real art

c. you meet other artists and you network while you are on vacation

d. you can make art in our studios unlike in a hotel or airbnb room (please let us know if you need a “heavy duty” space)

e. you may change from the expensive rental in the city you live to the Athens AIR, enjoy the sun, the sea and the culture and still work on your project while you save money

f. your money is used to fund a good cause for the artists’ community, instead of becoming more profit for a multinational corporation.

Do I have to be an artist to buy a FaveLAB bond?

An art student, a designer, a crafter, a filmmaker, an art manager, a curator, an art historian, a musician, an art related professional, a writer, an art journalist or an art lover may invest on FaveLAB bonds. You have to respect other people working in the building though. This is not for people who come to Athens to party. Our residents work, rest, reflect. They need space, peace and cool studio mates.

Do you also offer grants?

We do! We select two artists or art related professionals each year and we invite them to come to Greece fee free. There is no application procedure, unless stated like in the case of the ZLR Jewellery Awards ( because it is us who spot them. However, we have come across the work of artists we invited to come to Athens, simply because they contacted us. In other words: do not hesitate to be extrovert about your work. But always think how to answer the following question which we always ask: How will your work benefit Athenians?

Who are you?

Check our bio and projects by visiting the following websites:


Read the reviews by previous residents in this blog, such as:

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