Munich’s Myth-eater Andreas Ohrenschall_The Sacred & The Profane

Pictures_Andreas Ohrenschall: James Bond Mausoleum and Andreas performing.
Visual artist and performer Andreas Ohrenschall (Munich) will present his performance “Tongue’s gemstones” at the Opening of the group show The Sacred & The Profane_Galerie Weltraum_Thursday 14 March 2019.
“I trust in one word, the self-bearing inhalation through the tongue: I believe in the milky breath of the indigenous, almighty, unwilling scent of determination.
I have faith in the fallacious coziness of mingling myths and meaning. I assert the divine destruction of this seductive cave where spirit and will become enlaced…
Andreas Ohrenschall’s “Mythophagus” (myth-eater) is a poetic strolling through semiotic patterns that divide image from meaning, word from object, “spirit” from its manifestations.
Words can be transformed into jewellery – and jewellery can become an immaterial and ephemeral vision evoked by the desire to explore the fundamental structure of language and ornament.



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