1. “Myths 2016 – Test Drive” is an Art in Public Space project authored and curated by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler.
We are both visual artists based in Hamburg.
The jewellery exhibition will take place inside a trailer-turned-into-a-gallery in down town Munich during Schmuck-Munich Jewellery Week, 24.2-1.3.2016.
Art in Public Space and especially Mobile projects are very popular in Germany and the Netherlands,
where a big part of the Schmuck public comes from.

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2. “Myths 2016 – Test Drive” is also a Participatory Art project. Interaction with the public plays a crucial role.
We have experienced in previous jewellery art projects that the best way to promote and sell your work is to make it literally accessible by the public.
Munich Jewellery Week offers a lot of shows and makes it really difficult for a visitor to come back to the gallery
he/she saw something she liked, unless you motivate her/him to do so and make her/him a co-curator, promoter and supporter of your work.

In this project we give our participants the option to lease their work to the public for one or more days, if they wish.
That’s why we call our project: Test Drive.

If you can test a car before buying it, why not test whether a piece of jewellery makes you look glamorous, popular, funny, sophisticated, attractive, political, subversive etc. before you purchase it?

A „jewellery for pledge“ scheme guarantees that the items borrowed will be returned in perfect condition or bought.
We do not lease or lend fragile items which will be shown only inside the gallery.

Visitors borrow the jewellery and wear it. They go to other Schmuck-Munich Jewellery Week shows, events and Award ceremonies, to museums and galleries, cafes, clubs and restaurants, meet friends, network and flirt, take the subway or walk in the street — and still wear the jewellery. They talk about it to other people, explain what it is about, post pictures with it, test how it fits them and advice other people who have not been to the exhibition yet to hurry up!

There is no better promotion than “word of mouth”.
Previous interactive schemes we have worked on and tested, have increased visitors’ numbers, communication radius, reputation and sales.

In Germany DIY/Swarm/Sharing and Swaping movements are extremely popular. The German consumer is mature and “saturated” with the choice of too many good things to buy. We believe that only breakthrough concepts reflecting the public discourse have a chance to make a difference for visitors, professionals and the Press.

3. “Myths 2016 – Test Drive” has a strong preference for organic or recyclable material, as well as for innovative techniques such as 3D Printing or old fashioned techniques such as assemblage or objet trouve, techniques that address the issue of shortage, re-use, lack of capital to invest on precious raw materials, as well as environmental issues.
This is the dominant discourse among artists, consumers, think tankers and politicians in Western European countries – along with ethics.
We do not exclude metal or precious materials or traditional techniques, though we keep in mind that addressing “hot issues” is more challenging.

We prefer jewellery with a reasonable price. We want to reach everybody and persuade everybody that investing on jewellery does not need a fortune.

4. Greek mythology is in the back of our mind, though designers/artists do not need to find inspiration in a myth.
Greek mythology contains everything that this show thinks is important: harmony, nature, the human drive to reach the stars, understanding and compassion, the struggle with oneself, being an active citizen and many many other themes that are astonishingly contemporary. We believe that Greek myths is the world’s common heritage.

If you want to know more about the participation requirements, please contact us at myths2015@zoho.comTest-drive02