The Emotional Value of Jewellery_Rijksmuseum_Amsterdam_Pitch_November 2017

A pitch by Loukia Richards for the JEWELLERY MATTERS International Symposium at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 16 November 2017.

Photo credit: Loukia Richards

Picture #1.”Cosmos means universe and jewellery in Greek, suggesting that something bigger is at stake.

In the Sanctuary of Aphrodite in the Acropolis of Athens, lovers still place roses, jewellery and stones at its square niches in the rock!

Greek jewellery is still used to keep contact to the dead and negotiate with God for a better share of destiny.

Picture #2. Clay votives found at the spiritual capital of the Greek-Roman world: Eleusina, town of the Mysteries.

They represent golden trophies which wealthy citizens dedicated to Gods to thank them for a victory granted;

the clay version was affordable and depicted the idea of an expensive sacrifice.

Picture #3. The 18th century silver votives express the same principle:

Give God something precious to you and ask for a favor.

A standard depiction of your request will spare God time and confusion!

Humanizing God makes spirituality compatible with daily practice and reason.

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