FaveLAB: Wer wir sind

FaveLAB versteht sich als interdisziplinäre Plattform und kreatives „Labor“ für künstlerische Projekte, die im Austausch zwischen Athen und dem internationalen Ausland stattfinden.

Ziel von FaveLAB ist die Förderung von EinzelkünstlerInnen und Künstlergruppen, die sich mit der historischen, sozialen und gesellschaftlichen Dynamik der griechischen Hauptstadt auseinandersetzen und gleichzeitig einen vitalen Bezug zur eigenen ästhetischen Produktion und Sichtweise herstellen.

FaveLab unterstützt experimentelle Arbeits-, Präsentations- und Kommunikationsformate und ermöglicht den intensiven Dialog zwischen internationalen und griechischen KünstlerInnen und zwischen Künstlerinitiativen und kulturellen Institutionen.

Gleichzeitig geht es um die Übersetzung der lebendigen griechischen Kultur des Teilens und der Auseinandersetzung in den Kontext künstlerischer Arbeit.

FaveLAB bietet die räumlichen Rahmenbedingungen, Ideen und Konzepte inhaltlich und technisch zu entwickeln und vor Ort – modellhaft oder konkret – in einer künstlerischen Arbeit zu realisieren. Unterbringungs-, Arbeits- und Präsentationsräume für internationale BewerberInnen werden unentgeltlich zur Verfügung gestellt.

Optional bietet FaveLAB Unterstützung bei der Recherche und Projektvorbereitung künstlerischer Vorhaben und Kooperationen. Der Austausch zwischen Künstlern, Praktikern, Experten und Laien ist Teil des organisatorischen Angebots.

FaveLAB vermittelt und kommuniziert die öffentliche Präsentation der Arbeit vor Ort, in der lokalen Presse und den Sozialen Medien.

Die Räume von FaveLAB – 120 qm Arbeitsraum / 80 qm Wohnraum – befinden sich in Kolonos, einer der ältesten Nachbarschaften in Athen, die bereits in der Tragödie des griechischen Dichters Sophokles erwähnt wird, in unmittelbarer Nähe des Hügels von Oedipus und wenige hundert Meter entfernt von der Akademie von Platon.


Christoph Ziegler: rossozett@gmail.comFaveLab_logo.jpg


What makes SCHMUCKWOCHE MÜNCHEN so special?

Photo: “Shopping mall” at Galerie der Künstler, Munich. Credit: Christoph Ziegler.

Here is a list of reasons.

  1. You meet old friends. You make new friends. You meet so many people with the same passion: Jewellery. You get feedback.
  2. MJW has a strickt structure AND gives you a lot of freedom to improvise or add your own contribution. That makes a great mixture!
  3. Innovation is written on Bavarian culture + business sector DNA. This is the city to see, meet, follow avant garde art.
  4. MJW feels like a 4 days long urban party. You get high and there is no side effects or a day after!
  5. You mentor for free, you get mentored for free (always ask questions!).
  6. You meet jewellery art’s “legendary monsters” (and they do not bite!).
  7. You exchange/trade/swap insider information.
  8. You brainstorm for hours over a glas of beer planning new ventures, discussing new impulses, forging new alliances.
  9. You get so many offers and tips to develop your business or enter new territories.
  10.  Munich is one of the major art cities of Europe: Alte Pinakothek, Villa Stuck, Pinakothek der Moderne, Glyptothek – just to mention a few addresses of world class significance. It is the ideal environment for artists, art critics, art dealers and art lovers.

SCHMUCK, Munich Jewellery Week and Business Week, Munich Creative Business Week: there are various facets of the big March event for the city of Munich. Behind the above mentioned institutions you find long term passion, planning, expertise, commitment and vision. There are many “art or jewellery weeks” around the world, but it is not the same. However their organizers can certainly profit from the experience of MJW; never forget: Rome was not build in a day!


After Myths 2015 and Test Drive 2016, Initiation 2017 was our third participation in MJW. We will be back with a new project next year, for we hate standardisation and would be bored to death if we had to repeat the same patterns of success!






Gabriele Hinze: Jewellery is a wearable transcript of life!

Photo: “Organ 1”.

Gabriele Hinze of Berlin loves to talk about her jewellery in poetic riddles!

Meet the artist at Initiation 2017 – Munich Jewellery Week.

brooch 'organ1' photo Gabriele Hinze  P1340864.jpg


“passing by,

from the corner of my eye

I’m getting caught on something,

a twinkle of


prominence in small things,

in details

often ephemeral, fugacious,

hardly visible,

at the edge of perceptibility




become peculiar,

bother me

then I’m looking for a way

to transcribe them into my jewellery”


Petra Bole: “Jewellery must be sentimental and never look for compromise”.

Photo: Petra Bole, BODY/TELO.

STATEMENT or my MANIFESTO in 6 sentences:

1. Believe in a power of jewellery.
2. Tell real life stories not fairy tales.
3. Make a clear message.
4. Cross the (art) borders.
5. No man is an island.
6. Let’s have some fun.

Jewellery must be sentimental and never look for compromise.
Jewellery must be owned by the public if it wants to touch the public.
Jewellery must steal and seek to be stolen.
Jewellery must cherish its enemies in order to make friends.
Jewellery must forget the psychoanalysis of the studio.
Jewellery must go out into the street to eat and be eaten.
Jewellery must be shamelessly curious.
Jewellery must look where to attack and neglect its defences.
Jewellery must use traditional codes in order to break them.
Jewellery must neither forgive nor forget.
Jewellery must ignore all prescription.

Forget about sceneries and props.
Forget about objecthood, focus on jewelryness.
Forget the aficionados, target the uninitiated.
Focus on the ‘”why” and “how” of jewelry, on people and jewelry.
Focus on questioning instead of answers.
Focus on experiment instead of nice results.
Focus on process and projects.
Focus on inclusion of other media and strategies.
Focus on sharing and collaborating.
Forget the unique one-offs for the gallery, every now and then try multiples.
Take care of finding your own vernacular. Use slang when necessary.
Forget about Schmuckschau.

I love…
I believe…
I am committed to…

Consult the tarot deck
Read a book

Just state what you believe. Simple as that. One sentence, a bullet-point list, or a whole
commencement address.
“I believe in the power of love.”
“I believe in real butter and thick-cut bacon.”
“I believe that everyone and everything is fascinating — and that everyone has a story worth
Or — for an unexpected twist — state what you no longer believe. (And why.)

Paint a vision of the world you want to live in. What’s different? What’s better? What’s
This is your version of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.
“I want to live in a world where girls at risk have a way out — and up.”
“I want to live in a world where meditation is taught in every high school.”
“I want to live in a world where organic food is just as affordable as fast food.”
Wrap it up by explaining how you are working to create that “better world.” Tell your reader how she can join your revolution.

How very Oprah of you! Reveal a few undeniable truths in a poem, an essay, or a list.
“Here’s what I know for sure: love is the antidote to fear.”
“Here’s what I know for sure: one handwritten thank you note can alter the course of
someone’s day. Or life.”
“Here’s what I know for sure: when you fall asleep for the last time, you won’t wish you’d
spent more time linking, tweeting, and liking. You’ll wish you’d spent more time kissing,
laughing, and loving.”

Meet the artist at INITIATION, Galerie Florian Trampler, Munich Jewellery Week, 8-11 Marh 2017.