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Chiara Cavallo: Make a wish, make a knot!

Chiara Cavallo is a member of the Initiation 2017/Sieraad International Art Jewellery Fair Amsterdam. Initiation 2017 is curated by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler aka ZLR Betriebimperium. Chiara came to Athens for the preparation of her Sieraad project and went back to Italy with a solo show in Athens – held under the auspices of the Instituto Italiano di Cutura – which worked as a “rehearsal” to the November show, new friends – such as silversmith and artist Ludwig Menzel of Berlin (member of Initiation 2017/Munich Jewellery Week) and lots of notes! The interview is her feedback on how she perceived life in the city of owls!

Photo: Leggerezza/Lightness. Chiara Cavallo.

Leggerezza_Chiara cavallo.jpgWhat did you like in the exhibition concept of Initiation 2017 at Sieraad Amsterdam (9-12 November 2017); first step: #1 come to Athens/ #2 discover a rich and oecumenical culture #3 get inspired by it #4 go home and prepare your work #5 participate in Sieraad?
I like this concept very much, because it is a combination of both traditional and contemporary approaches. I like to travel and get inspiration from different enviroments and people; that’s why I liked my stay in Athens: I got the opportunity to know different people and the habits of Athenians, I visited urban sites and saw art venues guided by contemporary artists with a broader view on various topics.
What was the most unexpected experience you made in Athens?
I have met many people from abroad and this was unexpected, such as finding new friends! I think Athens has a strong hidden energy that came out during Documenta 14. I think it was a courageous initiative to open new art venues into the city and even if I’ve got the feeling that more people didn’t agree to it, this event have put Athens under another perspective: wider and deeper.
What you did not like?
Nothing at all.
What can Athens give to a young jewellery designer?
The city of Athens has a lot to give to jewelry artists, younger and older. I think the huge culture itself is a rich opportunity for visitors and students. Even if the reality that Athenians are living now regarding politics and administration is not easy for them, I think that living in a nice ‘soap bubble’ instead doesn’t raise any question nor give any impetus to discover new approaches.
What was your favorite object of art/design/architecture you saw in Athens?
This was the little statue of a woman hugging her child in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum. I really liked to visit the studios of students at work at the Athens School of Fine Arts. I found this encounter very strong, interesting and full of energy. They were working on Sunday.
I also liked the controversial modern buildings and the neighborhoods surrounding the city. Athens urban network is full of stratifications, different approaches to the concept of living and  is rich in cultural customs and habits that mirror the poly-hedrical features of the city.
Give us a word/idea/sentence that you take with you from Athens.
Make a wish, make a knot!
Will you come back?
Yes, for sure!!


Everything is (still) easy under the sun!

Photos: Installation with works by Margarita Skokou at Galerie Weltraum Munich during Munich Jewellery Week 2015/Myths 2015. Credit: Christoph Ziegler. New works featuring in the installation at Cine Trianon Athens. Credit: Antonis Skokos. The show “Everything is easy under the sun” opens on 3 April 2017 and is curated by ZLR Betriebsimperium.

You may read below the text – English and German version – for Margarita Skokou’s participation in Myths 2015 at Munich Jewellery Week. In two weeks Skokou presents an intrepid follow up of the 2015 work by the same title: “Everything is easy under the sun”.

EN/ Margarita Skokou

Man and woman is one and the same. This is the message which Margarita Skokou sends with her paintings, ceramics and jewellery. “I often paint women with penis and men with breasts to show that we are all the same human being, in body and mind, in life and love,” she says.
Skokou’s works on paper, canvas, clay or silver remind us of Hermaphrodite, the perfect creature in archaic thought. Greeks thought Hermaphrodite was the child of Hermes and Aphrodite.
In Skokou’s works creatures with giant wings come and go; they are messengers of joy and fulfill everything their heart desires with outmost simplicity.
Margarita Skokou studied painting and ceramics at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She had solo exhibitions in Athens, Paris, Luxembourg, Düsseldorf, as well as in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and France.
Collectors of her work include: “Cercle Munster”/Luxembourg, Vorres Museum/Greece, Museum of Contemporary Art/Thessaloniki, City Hall of Duddange/Luxembourg, Stadtmuseum and St. Anna Hospital Cultural Centre/Düsseldorf.

DE/ Margarita Skokou

Die Künstlerin Margarita Skokou behauptet, dass Mann und Frau gleich denken, fühlen und lieben. „Alles ist leicht unter die Sonne“, lautet der Titel ihrer Schmuckserie für die Ausstellung “Mythen 2015”.
Beflügelte Liebeswesen verkünden uns, dass es keinen Unterschied und keinen Konflikt zwischen den beiden Geschlechtern gibt. Sie zelebrieren mit gleicher Freude und Intensität ihre befreiende Sexualität.
Hermaphrodit, das Kind von Hermes und Aphrodite – halb Frau, halb Mann – der perfekte Mensch der archaischen Kultur, wird von Skokou zum Vermittler dieser Botschaft ausgewählt.

Cine Trianon participates in the art project “Victoria Square” by US artist Rick Lowe for Dokumenta 14. ZLR Betrebsimperium aka Chrisstoph Ziegler + Loukia Richards curate the monthy art show series at Cine Trianon’s lobby.

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Christoph Ziegler: “Today’s trash is tomorrow’s gold.”

Photo: Square Brooch. 2017.

Square_01.JPGChristoph Ziegler’s „Broom Brooches“ are wearable collages made of plastic pieces and household objects the artist collects at the beach or purchases at gipsy „trash“ markets in Greece. Ziegler’s colorful concentric objects make allusions to the shine and glamour of precious jewellery and make fun of the various genres of popular culture such as Punk, Pop, Comic and Sci-Fi.