SMCK ON REEL_First International Video Festival inspired by Jewellery, 7 – 10 July 2022, Weltraum Gallery, Munich_SCHMUCK / Jewellery Week Munich 2022_Curated by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler. TRAILER: With: Miki Asai, Martina Dempf, Kira Fritsch, Pureun Foundation, Tieke Scheerlink, Francesca Guarnieri, Alma Lion, Anna Watson, Ophélia Leclercq, Adriana Radulescu, Natasha Mercado, Mor Carolina Berger, Jason Stein, Xiao Chen, […]


From Center to periphery

By courtesy of Deichtorhallen Hamburg, SMCK Magazine’s new cover presents U.S. artist Tom Sachs’ recent installation project, namely, an interactive, staged landing on the moon, the remotest periphery (for the moment). But isn’t the word periphery – in a wired 24/7 world – a little bit out of place?Issue no. 5 #From_Center_To_Periphery comes out in […]

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Your Actions Are Pointless If No One Notices

Your Actions Are Pointless If No One NoticesOnline Press workshop for artists, curators and gallerists Jenny Holzer’s famous quote from her art series Truisms (1988) sounds cynical. However, many artists, designers, curators and gallerists work hard, but cannot reach the broader public. Unfortunately, good work (only) does not guarantee exposure, recognizability, fame, customers. A press […]

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FLYING CIRCUS_Join us online Panem et circenses_Αρτος και θεαματα – το μυστικό επιτυχίας πλειάδας Ρωμαιων αυτοκρατορων συμπληρωνε ο αγραφος νομος ότι στον ιπποδρομο – circus romanus – επιτρεπετο ακομα και να στολιζεις τον αυτοκρατορα με κοσμητικά που στην παραδοση της Ελευσινας ηταν γνωστά ως *γεφυρισμοί*. Αγαπημένο θεμα των Γερμανών εικαστικών, ανυμπορων, αλλα όχι άφωνων, μαρτυρων της ευθραυστης και […]

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Loukia wears “St.Barbara” and stands between two Georgions., while Christoph wears Sticks&Bones and stands between two sculptured Dionyssus. Join us tomorrow at the “Flying Circus”_Our Saturnalia/Christmas e-show REGISTER here for ZOOM meeting:…/tZMoceisqzksHt1QjwV…and click on link to buy one or more lots à 12,00 euro each: Η Λουκία φοραει την Αγ.Βαρβάρα και στεκεται μεταξύ δύο […]

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e-Residency: HELEN OF SPARTA

Intensive 4-day virtual residency + workshop + public presentation for visual, multimedia and interdisciplinary artists, jewellery and fashion designers.   Helen, the mythical queen of Sparta, falls in love with the enemy and causes a merciless war. The Helen of Sparta eResidency aims at inspiring eight artists/writers/performers to develop their own updated version of the […]

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