SMCK Magazine For Independent Artists highlights current trends and ideas in the making. In 2021, Greece celebrates the 200th anniversary of its War of Independence from the Othoman empire. The Greek revolution inspired 19th-century artists and intellectuals, such as Lord Byron and Eugène Delacroix, and breached the anti-liberal European order. In SMCK Magazine #04, which […]

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OXI! (No), 2010. Embroidery on old Greek flag. 18th and 19th century Greek embroidery motifs. Loukia Richards. Credit: Studio Kominis Athens. Συμφωνα με τον ιστορικό Νικο Σβορώνο, η ελληνική ιστορία ειναι μια μακρά σειρά απο ΟΧΙ!

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