The Sacred & The Profane

Art and Photo by Daniel von Weinberger. See more of Daniel von Weinberger’s work in “The Sacred & The Profane”_ A group exhibition on the ambiguity of rituals and objects. Jewellery, Object, Performance AND The Schmucktransformator. Curated by ZLR Betriebsimperium. With Daniel von Weinberger, Ludwig Menzel, Camilla Luihn, Ioannis Michaloudis, Hilde Ramstad, Anna Watson, Margarita […]

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Why pay for Munich Jewellery Week?

Picture: There is never enough exposure! Credit: Christoph Ziegler A jewellery artist from a non EU country asked me why should she/he pay to participate in our show “The Sacred & The Profane” at Galerie Weltraum during Munich Jewellery Week 2019. The artist stated that her/his name was already very well known in his/her country […]

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