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Looking for the LAST member of our Initiation 2017-Sieraad International Art Jewellery Fair Amsterdam, NOV 17

Open call INITIATION 2017 @ Sieraad International Art Jewellery Fair: 9-12 November.


This is going to be our third participation in Sieraad as a group, my fourth as an artist and our second year of applying the concept of boosting a jeweller’s work and imagination through a curated visit to Athens and the discovery of the riches this oecumenical, complex and living culture has to offer.

We call the trips/visits curated, because we do not just show you around or simply bring you to places every tourist feels obliged to see in Greece, but we engage in a dialogue with you on your associations and your points of view and – more importantly – on what you would like to see and understand that would be beneficial to your work. We do not believe in dry knowledge, we do not like art and culture that has no impact on life, we never learn from unconnected pieces of information which make no sense as a whole. We want you to discover, question and digest the impulses an old but never ageing culture such as the Greek one has to offer.

Greek/Roman and Christian/Judaism are the pillars of Western civilization. Once you unerstand the spirit, you have the keys to open more doors, to build more stocks, to mix them with other influences and styles and beliefs, to add your impact on it. Greek culture has always been open to the influence of the East and the North as jewellery motifs – among other crafts – manifest. Greek culture has always been an intrepid globalizer and globalizee.

My partner Christoph Ziegler and I have curated/organized eight participations in international jewellery art shows in the last 4 years and had more than 40 group or individual shows in Germany, the Netherlands and Greece in the last five years. We are both full time artists.

Our latest show „Initiation“ during Munich Jewellery Week (8-11 March 2017): was a success in terms of visitor numbers, sales, PR, feed back. It had once more featured in „Current Obsession“’s Munich Jewellery Week choices: „Critic Route“ by Liesbeth den Besten.

No show we curate is or looks like the previous one. We never repeat successful recipes. Christoph and I are both visual artists and get bored by standardization. We put a lot of emphasis on the individual needs of the participants and pay a lot of attention to their ideas.

For example, last year many of the project participants felt the visit to the Acropolis and Eleusis as a boost for new ideas and I dare say as a „revelation“ or an „initiation“ — this is why we have chosen this title for our Munich show last month and this is why we want to explore further how it feeds your imagination!

For more information on terms and conditions and how to apply, please contact:

as soon as possible. We only have 1 place available.


Photo: Participants of our Initiation 2017 team at Munich Jewellery Week are having fun  with “Tarot Moebling” after the show closed for the day. In the picture clockwise: Anna Fanigina, Ludwig Menzel, Aleksandra Atanasowski, Loukia Richards, Renata Manganelli, Christoph Ziegler.


ONE ARTIST A WEEK at Oedipus Hill! Sept 2017 – Sept 2018

FaveLAB, a laboratory for contemporary art in Athens, hosts a series of related activities (shows, lectures, workshops, artist dinners etc.) to promote the concept of living, working, sharing, networking and reshaping urban development and creative synergies for established and emerging artists.



For the period September 2017 – September 2018, we offer great living and working space in down town Athens with Acropolis view/ curated artist residencies, insight in modern Greek history, society and politics/ networking, organizing of a show/event/presentation/ creative synergies with major Greek and foreign institutions/ Press and PR services.

Prices start at 140,00 euro/week. Residencies vary from 1 week to 3 months. FaveLAB is located in Kolonos, one of the most ancient neighborhoods of Athens, home of Plato’s Academy and mythical location of Sophocles’ “Oedipus in Kolonos”.

For more information, please contact:

Artists who wish to candidate for a grant are also welcome to apply.

FaveLAB: Wer wir sind

FaveLAB versteht sich als interdisziplinäre Plattform und kreatives „Labor“ für künstlerische Projekte, die im Austausch zwischen Athen und dem internationalen Ausland stattfinden.

Ziel von FaveLAB ist die Förderung von EinzelkünstlerInnen und Künstlergruppen, die sich mit der historischen, sozialen und gesellschaftlichen Dynamik der griechischen Hauptstadt auseinandersetzen und gleichzeitig einen vitalen Bezug zur eigenen ästhetischen Produktion und Sichtweise herstellen.

FaveLab unterstützt experimentelle Arbeits-, Präsentations- und Kommunikationsformate und ermöglicht den intensiven Dialog zwischen internationalen und griechischen KünstlerInnen und zwischen Künstlerinitiativen und kulturellen Institutionen.

Gleichzeitig geht es um die Übersetzung der lebendigen griechischen Kultur des Teilens und der Auseinandersetzung in den Kontext künstlerischer Arbeit.

FaveLAB bietet die räumlichen Rahmenbedingungen, Ideen und Konzepte inhaltlich und technisch zu entwickeln und vor Ort – modellhaft oder konkret – in einer künstlerischen Arbeit zu realisieren. Unterbringungs-, Arbeits- und Präsentationsräume für internationale BewerberInnen werden unentgeltlich zur Verfügung gestellt.

Optional bietet FaveLAB Unterstützung bei der Recherche und Projektvorbereitung künstlerischer Vorhaben und Kooperationen. Der Austausch zwischen Künstlern, Praktikern, Experten und Laien ist Teil des organisatorischen Angebots.

FaveLAB vermittelt und kommuniziert die öffentliche Präsentation der Arbeit vor Ort, in der lokalen Presse und den Sozialen Medien.

Die Räume von FaveLAB – 120 qm Arbeitsraum / 80 qm Wohnraum – befinden sich in Kolonos, einer der ältesten Nachbarschaften in Athen, die bereits in der Tragödie des griechischen Dichters Sophokles erwähnt wird, in unmittelbarer Nähe des Hügels von Oedipus und wenige hundert Meter entfernt von der Akademie von Platon.


Christoph Ziegler: rossozett@gmail.comFaveLab_logo.jpg


Chiara Cavallo: Make a wish, make a knot!

Chiara Cavallo is a member of the Initiation 2017/Sieraad International Art Jewellery Fair Amsterdam. Initiation 2017 is curated by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler aka ZLR Betriebimperium. Chiara came to Athens for the preparation of her Sieraad project and went back to Italy with a solo show in Athens – held under the auspices of the Instituto Italiano di Cutura – which worked as a “rehearsal” to the November show, new friends – such as silversmith and artist Ludwig Menzel of Berlin (member of Initiation 2017/Munich Jewellery Week) and lots of notes! The interview is her feedback on how she perceived life in the city of owls!

Photo: Leggerezza/Lightness. Chiara Cavallo.

Leggerezza_Chiara cavallo.jpgWhat did you like in the exhibition concept of Initiation 2017 at Sieraad Amsterdam (9-12 November 2017); first step: #1 come to Athens/ #2 discover a rich and oecumenical culture #3 get inspired by it #4 go home and prepare your work #5 participate in Sieraad?
I like this concept very much, because it is a combination of both traditional and contemporary approaches. I like to travel and get inspiration from different enviroments and people; that’s why I liked my stay in Athens: I got the opportunity to know different people and the habits of Athenians, I visited urban sites and saw art venues guided by contemporary artists with a broader view on various topics.
What was the most unexpected experience you made in Athens?
I have met many people from abroad and this was unexpected, such as finding new friends! I think Athens has a strong hidden energy that came out during Documenta 14. I think it was a courageous initiative to open new art venues into the city and even if I’ve got the feeling that more people didn’t agree to it, this event have put Athens under another perspective: wider and deeper.
What you did not like?
Nothing at all.
What can Athens give to a young jewellery designer?
The city of Athens has a lot to give to jewelry artists, younger and older. I think the huge culture itself is a rich opportunity for visitors and students. Even if the reality that Athenians are living now regarding politics and administration is not easy for them, I think that living in a nice ‘soap bubble’ instead doesn’t raise any question nor give any impetus to discover new approaches.
What was your favorite object of art/design/architecture you saw in Athens?
This was the little statue of a woman hugging her child in the collection of the National Archaeological Museum. I really liked to visit the studios of students at work at the Athens School of Fine Arts. I found this encounter very strong, interesting and full of energy. They were working on Sunday.
I also liked the controversial modern buildings and the neighborhoods surrounding the city. Athens urban network is full of stratifications, different approaches to the concept of living and  is rich in cultural customs and habits that mirror the poly-hedrical features of the city.
Give us a word/idea/sentence that you take with you from Athens.
Make a wish, make a knot!
Will you come back?
Yes, for sure!!


ONE artist wanted for solo show @ Athens Dokumenta 14 OFFICIAL venue: for the week of 29.5-4.6.2017. Apply NOW!

FaveLAB, a laboratory for contemporary art in Athens, hosts a series of related activities (shows, lectures, workshops, artist dinners etc.) to promote the concept of living, working, sharing, networking and reshaping urban development and creative synergies for established and emerging artists.



We are:

A team of Germany based international artists working on the Athens project in cooperation with foreign and Greek institutions.

We are looking for:
International participants working in the fields of applied arts (jewellery, ceramics, paper, textile, fashion, book making, food etc.), installation, video and performance.

Duration of the FaveLAB programme:
The programme applies for the period: June – mid July 2017 — during the “Athens Dokumenta 14” highlights.

as well as during the

Post-Dokumenta period starting September 2017.

Participation fee:
380,00 euro for one week (Monday to Sunday). The fee covers residence cost, material and curatorial advice plus networking/PR and includes:

Living and working space in down town Athens (7 days/6 nights)/ Four days curated solo show at the lobby of Cine Trianon, a theater under monument protection in down town Athens and an OFFICIAL venue of Dokumenta 14 Athens. “Cine Trianon” participates with “Artist In Residence/One Artist A Week” in the project “Victoria Square” by US artist Rick Lowe for Dokumenta 14 Athens. All participating artists will be included in the documentation of “Victoria Square”/ Promotional and PR support by a group of art professionals, journalists and networkers/ Customized introduction into ancient and contemporary Greek culture.

Artists who wish to stay longer, we offer a live in+work studio in Athens or the Peloponnese for a per week/month fee (prices vary in winter/summer time).

How to apply:

Send a short bio (80-100 words), a work/show proposal (50 words), 6 – 8 pictures of your work or website, a short statement of what you wish to do in FaveLAB Athens (50 words) and the dates of the week in question to