OneArtistAWeek:Jennifer Grey_Painting as a means to reach rape survivors_

Pictures: Jenniger Grey/ Venus/ Leda and the Swan. EN/GR Jennifer Grey is FaveLAB’s Artist In Residence in the week of 3-9 December 2018. The US artist, based in Istanbul, will continue working on her current study of the themes of women’s abuse, survival and healing in Greek mythology- “I began this project painting the story […]

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We answer your questions: What are the FaveLAB bonds? Like bonds do in the real economy, FaveLAB bonds help us to fund a project: namely, to renovate the building which houses our headquarters and activities in Athens. We will turn the Bauhaus building into a creative meeting point for international artists and locals. The neighborhood, […]

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Body_Spirit_Inspiration_Rejuvenator_Athens_New Year’s resolutions

Where: Athens, Greece When: Early January 2019 Why: To start 2019 with new energy and fresh ideas to make own resolutions come true. ————————————————— Rejuvenator _Programme: Body_Spirit_Inspiration_Rejuvenation_4 days_32 hours Three-day intensive and playful self exploration and development through a series of performance, movement, music, story telling_ workshops inspired by the Odyssey, the epos of man’s […]

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It is quite impressive that when artists look for “funding”, they usually mean filling out  an application form, put it in a bottle and throw it to the ocean of juries, committees and other bureaucratic instances which will then pick one out of the many – the most convenient, the better – and name the […]

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Taweesak Molsawat_The body between cultural hierarchy and reality

Picture: Taweesak Molsawat. From his performance: Body Politic EN/GR During his One Artist A Week residency in Athens, artist, performer and academic Taweesak Molsawat from Bangkok (Thailand) will focus on the paradoxical concepts of prejudice, identity, race, culture and politics that reflect the social and economical status and the different religious and cultural communities in […]

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Apply this week_4_2019_AIR_Athens__ 2 secure 2018 price!

Our One_Artist_A_Week_AIR programme Athens continues in 2019 – for a thord year in a row! FaveLAB is an interdisciplinary platform and a creative lab based in Athens/Greece and operating globally. Our artist residencies, workshops, lectures, networking meetings and exhibition projects address artists, designers, curators and writers who work – or wish to enrich their knowledge […]

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Aistis Mickevicius’ visual surgery

Picture: Aistis Mickevicius from the series CITY. “As a photographer I am interested  in street life, social photography, human portraits etc. For several years now,in different parts of the world I make and continue the photographic cycles like CITY, MUSEUM, BODY etc. The best thing in this world for me is to travel to different cities and countries […]

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