Jacqueline Vugs-Voets: “Comets” are made for goddesses!

Stars, planets and comets were considered “jewellery for the gods” in ancient Greek thought. Dionyssus wedding present to his beautiful wife was the constellation he crowned her with. It still bears her name: Ariadne’s constellation; and you can see it in the night sky of Greece in late September!

Jacqueline Vugs-Voets participates in Myths 2016 at Sieraad Amsterdam with a new series of jewelry inspired by Greek mythology. Her “Comets” echo the close relationship between cosmos (the universe) and jewellery — for it is the same world in Greek!

Jacqueline loves the myth of Demeter and Persephone. It is a about the abduction of the goddess’s daughter by the God of Death, Pluto who falls in love with her. He ties her up with him for ever by offering her pomegranate seeds which the girl eats – unaware of the consequences. It is a beautiful myth on the mother/daughter relation and the changes in the latter’s life after she falls in love and gets married!

Jacqueline is coming to Athens to discover not only what Greeks were famous for, but also find out how her jewelry could inspire modern Greeks. Read the interview in NL and EN below and meet Jacqueline at Myths 2016 stand at Sieraad Amsterdam (10-13 Nov).

a. What sort of inspiration do you expect to find in Athens?

Greeks give us motivation and inspiration throughout their history. I find it fascinating to go to another land and see what one can find interesting or inspiring in my ideas and jewellery.

Grieks motieven, en history….en druk stads leven in een andere landjacqueline zilver-comeet-hanger-amethist-2 14-k-comeet-saffier-2

fascineert mij wat ik weer voor mijn sieraden kan gebruiken

b. What are you working on right now?

I am designing a “Goddess Necklace” which will be a further development of my  „Comets“ series.

Mijn comeet serie uitbreiden met ook gouden sieraden, en een godinnen collier!!

c. Which is your favorite Greek myth?

The myth of Demeter and the pomegranate.

Demeter en de granaatappelpitten

d. How do you envision 11 November, the day after Sieraad Art fair 2016 will be over?

Joyful! I will be much richer in experiences and will have much more new contacts…

Joyful!!, een geweldige ervaring rijker!!…en hoop nieuwe contacten…