Demeter’s armor

Loukia Richards. “Demeter”, 2018. Credit: Christoph Ziegler

According to Herodotus, goddess Demeter saved Greece from the tyrany of the Persian king. Demeter, the red haired, soft-spoken Mother Earth of Greek antiquity, the revealer of the secret of life to the initiates of her Mysteries, the preacher of compassion as the major bond behind civilized communities turned into a warrior.

I try to imagine what kind of an armor a woman needs today to protect her integrity in a world ruled by bias, sexism, exploitation and nihilism.
Is society a rearrangable assemblage of human units or is it a conscious collective extending over the boundaries of present time and egotistical ambitions? Demeter stands for the second.

Demeter’s armor is a pectoral ornament warming the heart with reassuring memories of household objects and crafts: wool, cheap jewlery, shoe leather, can, embroidery. Our grandmothers used the technique to stitch the stories of their own fights.