Letter from Germany_A new column

Picture: “Merkel”. Collage by Christoph Ziegler / Roque Garcia Bermudez. Credit: Christoph Ziegler “Digitalization is Merkel’s mantra”. EN/GR Visual artist and economist Loukia Richards has been assigned a monthly column by the prestigious Greek political magazine “Defense and Diplomacy”. Richards – a former Reuters journalist – addresses issues of cultural diplomacy and innovation through her […]

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One Artist A Week @FaveLAB/OPEN CALL_ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE programme_ATHENS_Scheduled_shows

Picture: ZLR Betriebsimperium performing “Ghost Dance”. Credit: Christoph Ziegler. FaveLAB is an interdisciplinary platform and a creative lab based in Athens/Greece and operating globally. Our artist residencies, workshops, lectures, networking meetings and exhibition projects address artists, designers, curators and writers who work – or wish to enrich their knowledge – in the field of visual […]

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Flat+ATELIER Greece_Mid-JUNE_Romantic_Mansion_SPECIAL PRICE_250_Euro_2_Weeks

We rent living+working space for artist in Leonidio, Arcadia/Greece. from Friday 15 June to Friday 29 June for 250,00 Euro. Partner or second artist may share the living space (25 sm) (WITH: bedroom/2 beds/ bed sheet/towels/ cooking devices/ dishes/ glasses etc/ cooking stove-kitchen/ private bathroom/shower/separate entrance) and the atelier (45 sm) for an additional 125,00 […]

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NEW: INITIATION_AIR_Jewlery Artists_Athens_JUL-DEC 2018

After the successful completion of our first Athens AIR+Workshops series for Jewellery Artists/Designers (2015-2018), we announce a new series of intensive one-week-long Artist Residencies including curated visits in major art and jewellery collections, as well as creativity boosting “Story Telling+Performance” workshops. The programme addresses international jewellery artists and designers who wish to understand the very […]

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