Athens, style, drama and much more….

Athens is a vivid metropolis, a fusion of styles and a synonym for “joie de vie”. The traces of the ancient Greek past lie next to the impressive monuments of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Bavarian era. However, the capital of Greece is not a silent and awesome museum, but a charming, living forum of political, social and commercial interaction. The crisis has forced Athenians to develop incredibly subtle and sustainable skills of survival and to reconquer the public space. Contemporary art experiments and a scene that thirsts for contact and communication makes Athens a city where – unlike Western European capitals – everything is still possible. There is a space, will and openness for experiments.

The location of Athens between an idyllic seashore and the “magic mountains” of Parnitha, Penteli and Hymitos, often makes you forget that you do not live in a remote island or village but in the biggest urban knot of the Mediterranean area.
The communication talent, empathy and unpretentiousness of Greek people will marvel you. Following a centuries long tradition of public speaking modern Athens is a place where you can still have spontaneous conversations about life and death with complete strangers while waiting in a queue. It was, after all, the Athenian spirit of free thinking and talking that lead to the birth of theater in this very city more than twenty five centuries ago.


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