The very word rejection spreads dread through the art world. Rejection looms over every step the artist takes on their journey; every application for exposure, funding, or support sows the seed of potential rejection. Every inch forward toward success and fame is paved with tears and – not rarely – self-doubt about one’s merit and talent.

However, being unsuccessful in gaining recognition may trigger the determination to walk a road less traveled – and probably more alluring. Rejection forces us to reflect on our true potential and question what our mission in life really is.

SMCK Magazine’s issue #8 titled „Rejected/Approved“ is too important to miss. This is why we invite SMCK readers to download their digital copy free of charge during the jewelry industry’s major meeting Schmuck 2023, the jewelry week of Munich (6 to 12 March 2023).

The SMCK Magazine’s highlights include:

“I’ve been rejected and I bounced back!” – SMCK presents admirable works by rejected artists

Can totalitarianism coexist with culture? – Romanian jewelry’s rebirth from the ashes

Jewelry fairs, weeks, meetings: real business or hot air?

The Road To Eleusina – a Greek meditation for body and mind

What if our civilization perishes in a nuclear war? – SMCK On Reel video festival 2023

Space or place? An American urbanist’s notes on Athens

Amber has accumulated a symbolic capital in Lithuania – Metalofonas Vilnius Biennial defines the future of nordic avant-garde

Will you Schmuck this year?

and much more…

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