Stand Up Jewelry! OPEN CALL

Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler

Stand Up Jewelry!

Galerie Weltraum

8–10 March 2023 during Schmuck Munich 

High rocketing rentals and the fast pace of Munich’s Schmuck week visitors who wish to visit as many shows as possible within a few days – or even within a few hours – make it difficult for many artists, collectives, schools and organizations to present their work. This experience, and the artists’ need to display their work in Munich, made us come up with the concept of quick, exclusive and individual Stand Up jewelry presentations.

The open call for Stand Up Jewelry! at Munich’s Weltraum gallery addresses individual artists, artist groups and cooperatives, schools, galleries and institutions who wish to make short live presentations of their work, brand, goal or program during Schmuck 2023 in Munich.

How it works:

Artists and designers participating in Stand Up Jewelry! will be provided with gallery space and a time slot where they can present their work in an exclusive presentation, performance, talk or other individual format. Stand Up Jewelry! takes place at Weltraum gallery in downtown Munich close to Viktualienmarkt, one of the most central art spaces in the city (see where:

Presentation options:

Stand Up Jewelry! participants may choose one of the following presentation formats, or even combine various formats:

• Classical presentation of jewelry, i.e. display of jewelry works on the wall, table or pedestal

• Performance or choreography with jewelry

• Artist talk

• Live interview with the artist/designer conducted by the organizers .

The duration/time limit of each presentation is 45 minutes. Presentations take place from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 March 2023 (12:00am–4:00pm / 7:00–9:00pm).

Stand Up Jewelry! includes an intensive Zoom workshop (2,5 hours) in early February 2023. The workshop gives the participants ideas on how to prepare and develop their jewelry presentation, including concept and biography, in an exciting and direct way.

Stand Up Jewelry! artists and designers will be supported through communication and promotion in SMCK Magazine For Independent Artists (, KLIMT02, Munich’s Schmuck program, and through a print and digital invitation.


Artists: 150,00 euros

Organizations, galleries, collectives, schools: 230,00 euros


Please send a cover letter with motivation, website and concept of your work or program you wish to present to

Application deadline is 22 January 2023.


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