Editorial, SMCK Magazine #7 WAR & PEACE

online/digital/print magazine will be available soon

“(…) Applied arts and crafts, disciplines focusing on decorative and useful objects are ambassadors of peace. We become aware of it when it is only too late.

War turns objects, memories, lives into ashes.

Art can build bridges even between enemy countries, and can assist the purposes of diplomacy even when negotiations seem futile.

Art can also emphasize the duty of each citizen to defend his country and values when action is needed.

Jewelry events should also envision the promotion of the benefits of peace.

At the same time, they should offer their unconditional solidarity to the victims of aggression. If fairs and weeks fail to respond to the challenges born on 24 February 2022, then they may soon find out that, in this new era, they have become obsolete, if not meaningless (…)”


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