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The project addresses jewelry authors, artists working in the field of applied arts and fashion, and designers or crafters who focus on renewable or recyclable or ethical materials or waste or conceptual art and immaterial ideas. Participants may choose between a physical residency or an e-residency.


If our civilization dies in a nuclear accident or war, how will it reemerge?

The cradle of democracy, art, and philosophy, Athens, a city continuously inhabited since Copper Age, may give artists important clues to answer the question. Athens is an open-air museum: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Bavarian monuments and sites are part of the modern city, contributing to its fascinating urban energy.

Athens is the ideal place to think about how culture will be reborn under the current pressure of war, financial crisis, climate change, energy considerations, globalization challenges, new collective identities, and 21st-century ethics.

CIVILIZATION REBOOTED / A Temporary Collection aims at providing artists and designers with space, time, and background information to reflect on how new values and aesthetics expressed by jewelry and other forms of applied art will look like in the future. The project focuses on recyclable and ethical materials shaping the new status quo symbols and changing our perception of value and wealth, such as waste, soil, food, metals, fossils – or even just concepts.

CIVILIZATION REBOOTED / A Temporary Collectionalso aims at connecting all works created by the project’s participants by incorporating them in a temporary collection. “Being collectible” is an existential feature of every solid artist biography; being part of a collection influences the market value of the artist. Establishing and promoting a jewelry and crafts collection through public viewings, press reviews, and a special publication aims to make artists reflect on questions about their art. What makes a collection valuable? What makes one’s own work collectible? How can I boost the recognizability of my work and career?

The Temporary Collection

What is a collection? A collection consists of a conscious selection of works that explore a theme or share some common characteristics. A collection’s value changes over time. The value depends on various factors, such as recognizability of works, the collection’s fame and visibility, promotion tactics, and the career progress of the artists included in the collection. Many great collections are at a certain point dissolved and items are sold or become part of other collections. De facto, every collection is temporary. Nevertheless, the reputation of great collections that existed in the past lives on and adds value to the artist’s biography and merit.

CIVILIZATION REBOOTED / A Temporary Collection includes the following features:

online workshop/online coaching + artist residency or eResidency + exhibition + publication

Project participants may choose between two options:

OPTION A: Physical residency in Athens (14 days)

OPTION B: e-residency (virtual Athens)

For detailed information, please write:

Apply for the period between February and September 2023 by 15 January 2023.



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