SMCK issue No.7 titled WAR & PEACE comes out in early July featuring:

• SMCK ON REEL: The International Video Festival at Schmuck Munich 2022

• Schmuck Munich: Our Editor’s Choice

• A Touch of empathy: Meaningful art in times of armed conflict

• Grassimesse Leipzig: Europe’s oldest fair rethinks collectibles

• DIVA Diamond Museum Antwerp: A Wunderkammer to learn and marvel

• Detroit rises from the ashes

• Fairs, weeks, jewelry meetings: Hot air or real business?

• Dior Odysseys: The call of the Athenian night

and much more …

ADVERTISE WITH US. Deadline to place your ad is 15 June 2022. Details and fees: http://smck.org/adplace.html

COVER: Flowers of War. Brooch by Ukrainian artist Denis Music,

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