SMCK On Reel
The Jewellery Video Festival at SCHMUCK / Munich’s jewelry week
10 – 13 March 2022 / Gallery WELTRAUM, Munich

Open Call

SMCK Magazine For Independent Artists presents SMCK On Reel, the first video festival inspired by jewelry.

The medium video became indispensable to artists, designers and crafters during the pandemic.
Its importance in introducing the public to the artist’s world, concepts and thoughts remains undisputed.
Reels – the art of the moving image – deploy the artist’s narrative and enable the public to indulge in the maker’s work.

The festival takes place during Munich’s international jewelry week, also known as Schmuck, one of the most prestigious meetings for contemporary jewelry, object and other craft disciplines worldwide. The festival takes place in the multi-awarded WELTRAUM gallery, one of the oldest experimental galleries in Munich. Participants may also present and sell their jewelry via a LIVE online event.

SMCK Magazine’s Munich special issue coming out in late February 2022 presents individual portraits of all SMCK On Reel participants, as well as their video and jewelry.
The festival will also be presented to viewers worldwide through a LIVE online event during Schmuck.

Application deadline:  We accept applications from now until 1 December 2021

Video requirements: 

1. If the video you want to present at SMCK ON REEL already exists, it should not be older than 3 years. 

2. You video must not be shown in any other exhibition during Munich’s Schmuck jewelry week 2022. 

3. Send us your video in one of the following file formats: mp4, mpeg4, m4v, mov.

4. We recommend a video length of minimum 30 seconds and max. 3.5 minutes. However, we also accept longer videos if the story/intensity/quality of the movie requires a longer duration.

5. Your video should not include unauthorized material from film or music that may violate copyright. Videos showing hate speech, extreme provocation or prohibited symbols (see German law) will not be accepted for presentation.

Concepts, Topics, Stories:

The concept, theme or topic of your video is open. Your video may focus on your personal art practice, or on a narrative or a (short) story about yourself or a subject or theme not necessarily related to your art practice. 

The video can be emotional, thrilling, funny, sad, turbulent, meditative etc.

Application procedure: 

Send us your video – preferably as video link on vimeo or youtube – or your concept/story for a video you want to create for SMCK ON REEL, and let us know the category you want to participate in – see below A, B and C.

Please, include a short bio, a weblink with your jewellery work, and a short statement on your video/jewelry concept.

The application is free of charge.


SMCK Magazine No.6, titled #Munich_Metamorphosis, covers Schmuck 2022 and comes out in late February 2022. The magazine will feature video makers along an extensive coverage of Schmuck/ Munich’s jewelry week 2022.

An online event will enable guests from all over the world to visit the show virtually, talk with participants’ LIVE, watch the videos, get background information on Schmuck 2022 and purchase participants’ jewelry.

Artists working with textile, glass, ceramics etc. are also encouraged to apply.

SMCK ON REEL categories:

A. Send us your video and the information we request. Concept, statement and visual quality of your movie are important for the selection. If required, we may recommend changes before accepting your video.

Participation fee: 150.- euro

B. If the video needs development/changes/corrections of any sort – technical, conceptual, production related etc – or there is no video available or concept available, we give the applicant the option to have a private tutorial (total of 5 hours focusing on story telling, script writing, shooting and cutting, as well as stage design, lighting, costumes, and alternative forms of moving images) in one or two meetings via ZOOM. The private tutorial is extremely customized to address the specific participant’s  questions and needs. 

The fee is 280.- euro.

C. The third option is to follow a 3 day group workshop on video making (total 12 hours: Fri-Sa-Sun, various dates available in December 2021 and January 2022). The workshop also includes communication training for online presentations.

The fee is 390.- euro.

Flying Circus:


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