Your Actions Are Pointless If No One Notices

Your Actions Are Pointless If No One Notices
Online Press workshop for artists, curators and gallerists

Jenny Holzer’s famous quote from her art series Truisms (1988) sounds cynical. However, many artists, designers, curators and gallerists work hard, but cannot reach the broader public. Unfortunately, good work (only) does not guarantee exposure, recognizability, fame, customers.

A press review is a giant step towards opportunities and success.
Meaningful and exciting reviews of an artist’s work bring prestige and, eventually, new contacts.
Press reviews are also considered “letters of recommendation”, enrich an artist’ s biography, and are essential for applying for a grant, funding, award or sponsoring.
Press reports support the artist’s or gallerist’s PR strategies by expanding the circle of people reached.

Press – digital and print – is newspapers, news blogs, magazines read by the specialized or the general public.
Press shapes public opinion on a matter (politics, society, economy, art, sports etc).
Communication/PR For Artists is not taught at art schools. It is often confused with peer-to-peer networkins.
Artists or designers or curators often believe that the Press has to or will discover their work one day. It is exactly the other way round.
In difficult times, such as the post Covid-19 era, when artists and art managers need to expand their basis or activities, discovering the possibilities Press offers to artists for free is of crucial importance to survive.

The Press workshop for artists, curators and gallerists explains how publicity and media work. The workshop offers participants professional advice on how to make the Press interested in their work, coaches them to express their thoughts with precision and clarity, and shows them tangible results by editing/publishing their text and promoting it through established communication channels.

The workshop consists of the following parts:

Part I – Group workshop

What can the Press do for you?
What do journalists wish to read from you?
How to use the social media effectively?
Advertorials or reviews? Know the difference.
Finding sponsors through the Press.
Learning professional writing skills.
Exercises on writing and editing.
Photo shooting, processing, selecting. How to do it right.

Part II – Group coaching

Focusing. Reducing, Editing.
Secrets of sending messages that will be noticed.

Part III – Publishing

Participants write Press Releases or statements on their work/show or articles on a topic they are interested in following the workshop’s guidelines.
Their text will be edited by professional journalists, and published in SMCK magazine February 2022.

SMCK Magazine’s issue #6 covers SCHMUCK Munich and the Jewelry Week 2022.
SMCK Magazine is available to read for free at the Pforzheim School of Design Library and at DIVA Museum Library in Antwerp.
A promotional campaign of SMCK Magazine #6 guarantees participants visibility of their articles or statements.

Who is who?

The Press workshop is chaired by Loukia Richards. Christoph Ziegler chairs the Photo section of the workshop.

Loukia Richards has been trained in Journalism at Reuters seminars in London and Athens. She has worked as an editor, reporter and team coordinator for major international and national news organizations since 1995. She is SMCK Magazine’s Editor in Chief. Starting January 2022, Loukia will publish regularly her views on crafts and applied arts in German magazine Art Aurea. Loukia has chaired Communication and Journalism workshops for state organizations, such as The Agency for Creative Economy Hamburg, as well as for corporate or private customers.

Christoph Ziegler is the publisher of SMCK Magazine and responsible for its corporate identity, photo archive and graphic design. Christoph reports on multimedia, architecture and design. Collectors of Christoph’s jewelry include Grassi Museum Leipzig and Marjon Unger Amsterdam.
Christoph is the managing director of AIR platform and intercultural program FaveLAB.

Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler are currently curating the group exhibition Metamorphoses at Bayerischer Kustgewerbe Verein (BKV) in Munich (24 February to 2 April 2022).

Workshops dates (ZOOM meetings)

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October


Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November

Total: 10 hours workshop plus an additional 90 minutes group coaching on a later date to discuss/edit outcome.

Fee: 300,00 euro.

For more details and registration, please contact:

Deadline to apply with Cover letter and weblink is Sunday 26 September

Maximum 8 participants/ Minimum 4 participants per group


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