Photo credit: Courtesy of Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation / Tom Stamati Xenakis / Christoph Ziegler

In 2021, Greece celebrates the 200th anniversary of its War of Independence from the Othoman Empire. The Greek struggle inspired 19th-century artists and intellectuals, such as Lord Byron and Eugène Delacroix, and breached the anti-liberal European political order.

SMCK Magazine’s 4th issue “Greece 200” highlights how Greek thought, art and tradition move contemporary art and design.
#Greece_200 comes out in late June 2021.    

• A ‘multimedia’ map promoting radical ideas in 18th century reactionary Europe
• Updated Orthodox icons address marginal populations within the American society
• Jewelry from untouched necropolis reveals Minoan concepts of life and death
• Fund raising through art – Fulbright Greece successful initiative explained
• A body that demands fatal pleasures – C.P.Cavafis. The Greek poet of Alexandria
• Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation: Greek folk jewelry and textile treasures
• A garden in over-urbanized Athens
• Sehnsucht/Nostalgia – Pforzheim Design University students make jewelry inspired by Greece  
• Unpublished material from world class cultural institutions: Onassis Library, Cavafis Archive, Fulbright Foundation
et cetera


Place your ad in SMCK #Greece_200 issue! Ads start at 45,00 euro. SMCK Magazine has an average of 6.500 online visitors/month.
Contact us for further details, and to design your individual strategy!    

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