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At his wedding, god Dionysus gave his bride Ariadne a crown made of stars. The constellation Corona Borealis is named after this jewellery. In his exclusive interview with SM*CK Magazine – the #munich issue – Dr. Ioannis Michaloudis talks about his cooperation with Maison Boucheron Paris using NASA nanotechnology to turn stardust into jewellery.

Schmuck München, the international jewellery fair since 1959, has been canceled for a second year in a row due to Covid-19. The prolonged pause is a good opportunity to reflect on the changes Schmuck should undertake for a dynamic comeback in 2022. Read the interviews with Dr.Wolfgang Lösche of Schmuck Sonderschau+Talente / Galerie Isabella Hund / Galerie Biro / Art historian Schnuppe von Gwinner and many more.

Ruudt Peters, Ted Noten, Gijs Bakker, Liesbeth den Besten, have initiated the highly interesting educational project MaaSieraad to boost innovation and revolutionize educational standards. They gave insightful answers to our sharp questions on what young artists should know to succeed in jewellery.

Craft film festivals around the globe grow in importance and show us a new way to address the broader public. We present the protagonists of our new, covid-safe project “The Flying Circus”. They work with jewellery and moving pictures. Their videos will be screened in Munich and online 7-14 March 2021.

Greece celebrates the 200th anniversary of its War of Independence against the Othoman Empire on 25th March 2021. The Greek struggle inspired artists and intellectuals in early 19th century, such as Lord Byron and Eugene Delacroix, and breached the reactionary pan-European order of the times. Meet contemporary artists inspired by Greece – and read much more on sound sculptures, video mapping, revolutionary art –  in the next SM*CK issue coming out in late February 2021.

Contribute to SM*CK’s independence! Place your ad in the #Munich issue!There are two ad options available:
1. Classical. Download our information and price sheet: http://www.smck.org/advertise.html
2. Carousel. https://myths2015munich.wordpress.com/2021/01/11/flying-circus-carousel-open-call-for-video-advertorials-schmuck-2021/
Ad fees start at 45,00 euro
For more information, contact: magazine@smck.org by 31 January 2021.



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