Polemos // War // e-Finissage

You are cordially invited to attend the LIVE e-closing of the group exhibition POLEMOS_War at Weltraum Gallery Munich on Sunday 8 November 2020. The project was funded by the City of Munich.

We will talk about the development of Polemos_WAR project and its enrichment through the e-Residency “Helen of Sparta”, screen video features, answer your questions, and present selected works LIVE. The duration of the meeting is 60 minutes.

To participate in POLEMOS_War Zoom Meeting, use the link:


The meeting-ID is: 884 1664 5530The password is: polemos20

The zoom meeting starts Sunday 8 November (local time):

San Francisco 9 am

Chicago 11 am

New York 12.00 am

Buenos Aires 2 pm

London, Dublin 5 pm

Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Barcelona, Belgrad, Paris, Oslo, Antwerp 6 pm

Athens, Beirut, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Cape Town 7 pm

Moscow, Istanbul, Nairobi, Riad 8 pm

Bangkok 12.00 pm

Monday 9 November (local time):

Peking 1.00 am

Seoul, Tokyo 2 am

Sydney, Melbourne 4 am

Wellington 6 am

Please, come as early as possible, for there are only 100 e-seats available. Take a seat in the waiting room, before the meeting starts! The meeting is free of charge.

See you there,ZLR Betriebsimperium aliasLoukia Richards & Christoph Ziegler


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