Highly visible as #rebel

Since the launch of SMCK Magazine in July 2020, #The_Body Issue (no. 01) had appr. 10.000 visitors and more than 80.000 reads. Read SMCK for free: http://www.smck.org
The #Rebel issue (no. 02) will be out in October 2020 featuring:

Why Berlin doesn’t wear jewellery? / Scratch Paper in Paris: A collective artwork / Ethics before aesthetics: From the Beograd anti-war protests in 1993 to Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture in 2021 / Healing dreams inside Asclepios’ sacred forest / Subsidized to destroy cultural heritage / Trees are the jewels of the earth / The rebellion of faith / Salonica’s Secret Garden / Jewellery remembers murdered activists / Greetings from Moscow

Advertise with us and place your ad in the #rebel issue!
Your ad will be placed in
• the online flipbook
• the digital download format (PDF)
• the print-on-demand Magazine.
SMCK Magazine #rebel” will be promoted through the smck.org website, Klimt02, Res Artis, social media and subscribers’ list.
Ad fees start at 45,00 euro
Download our information and price sheet >>> here: http://www.smck.org/advertise.html
Deadline to place an ad: 25 September 2020
Send your ad to magazine@smck.orgEdit

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