Fee free Tele-Moebling! Participate in the indoors art project!

Photos: Moebling by Christoph Ziegler. Cedit: Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler.

To participate, please e-mail: favelab.info@gmail.com For more information, read following text:

Visual artist Christoph Ziegler explores the physical and emotional relationship between human body and object or, more precise, between man and furniture. The self portrait series Moebling by the German sculptor and performance artist focuses on the domestic environment and documents Ziegler’s personal experiences with everyday objects at home.

The Corona virus crisis has turned home into the epicenter of working life and transformed our private microcosm into a home office, work-out-space, kindergarten – and a living room at the same time.

Ziegler plays with the – sometimes claustrophobic – characteristics of the private space which he defines as a place of personal intimacy on the one hand and a permanent reproduction zone for the rituals of everyday life on the other.

With his sarcastic reference to the semi-spiritual wellness movement and the ever-expanding culture of self-optimization which increaslingly blurs the boundaries between life and work, the artist promotes his Moebling as a playful approach to “kinetic meditation” at home.

Moebling – a neologism Ziegler invented from the German word Moebel = Furniture – is an ongoing project including public performances, ephemeral sculptures and “improvisational theater” with everyday objects. The artist currently lives in Athens, Greece.


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