WAR Virtual Show at Klimt02

Photo: 1942. Journal Of An Aviator On The Eastern Front_By_Adriana Radulescu. Photo Credit_By_Adriana Radulescu.
When we decided “war” would be the theme of our 6th Schmuck 2020/ Munich Jewellery Week group show, we were aware that chances of a major armed conflict this year were high. It did not cross our mind though that thousands of innocent people would perish in the corona virus hecatomb nor that world leaders would call its impact on public health, economy and society “an invisible war”.
The life-threatening pandemic forced us to postpone our show WAR_ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ originally scheduled for 11-14 March 2020 to a later date this year. Its impact on social contact will last longer than the corona virus itself, we believe. We decided to experiment with new concepts of communicating and presenting jewellery. Following Klimt02’s great initiative for an online Schmuck 2020 presentation, we decided to combat social distancing by inviting readers to enter our cosmos of thoughts and emotions: the narratives behind the jewellery.

Jewellery is the most emotional art medium. Jewellery gifts invested with love set the milestones of personal history; jewellery heirlooms spread family traditions and legends over generations and bridge past, present and future. Comics are considered to be a “film made of paper”. Before shooting a film, directors draw the scenes of their movie, the dialogues, the cuts and the camera positions just like a comic book on paper!

The comics WAR participants have drawn during their home isolation add insight to their jewellery and are a trailer of their reflections.

A long time ago, Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus stated: “War is the father of all and king of all; and some he shows as gods, others as men, some he makes slaves, others free.” Our comics presentation project abolished the boundaries of art genres, gave wings to our phantasy and liberated us from fear of inaction.


cartoon war_adriana radulescu


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