05a_Jason Stein_DestabilzeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Artist Name: Jason Stein
Comics title: Destabilize
Title of Work: Tactical Acquisition Device – Sculptural Hand Grenade, 2020
Photo by Jason Stein


“My work explores the idea of control: In the physical world and within our own consciousness. I am fascinated by the influence of the unseen structures and systems of everyday existence that modify our experiential reality.

I create physical interpretations of the structures of my internal mental landscape in order to identify and control the subconscious forces at play: The internal struggles and battles for control and understanding of a perceived sense of identity.

This form of internal warfare takes place against the backdrop of a volatile social and political world that is further distorted and corrupted by the consumption of a biased media.

War is a dirty business motivated by the quest for power and political capital, and taken advantage of by corporations and nations at the expense of the most disadvantaged and immobilized segments of society, all while shrouded in the patriotic language of freedom and security. ”






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