We do not need your discount

“Munich Jewellery Week” , the trademarked, fee funded map for non institutional shows during Schmuck München – which in German means Jewellery (week) Munich – has sent me a bulk mail stating that they cannot refund us the ad money we paid for our event to be included in their 2020 map, but they can offer us a 25% discount next year.

Thank you, we do not need your discount.

If ‘Munich Jewellery Week’ had a sense of responsibility for the community, they claim to influence and wish well, they would have listened to the unanimous warnings and unmisuderstandable restrictions of German authorities, they would have realized what the cancelation of IHM Fair_Schmuck 2020 meant and they would not have pretended an epidemic is a matter of polling on how many private shows will take place and how many will be cancelled, as if the Corona virus pandemic is a matter of individual choice!

We knew already by late February that people were dying by the hundreds in Italy and we could see how the virus infection spreading looked like two hours away from Bavarian borders

I am feeling devastated by letters from fellow artists from Italy telling me of their struggle to survive and to keep their humanity alive.

I am very angry at people with the power to influence a community through the Press -who made me believe that they behave as if they had nor common sense nor empathy nor understanding for the value of public health.

I wish to emphasize that I am not talking about individual artists expressing own opinions, but about the authors of a digital and print communication medium who possess and repeatedly use personal data to spread their messages and are liable to the regulations of EU law regarding the Press and Data use.
Sending messages claiming that their poll showed almost half half of the artists will attend Schmuck 2020 is – legally – of a completely different quality from an individual artist emailing her personal friends that she will go to Munich week of jewellery despite the epidemic.

Contemporary jewellery is valueless without ethics.
You may not care if you get infected, but you have no right to take the risk to infect other people to whom your indifference may have lethal consequences.

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