Schmuck 2020: When you miss the shows, do not miss the lessons!

Cy AlhambraPicture: Loukia Richards_”Cy the Cat in Alhambra style”_2016. Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler

#1: Social responsibility is the “new black”.

#2: Wishful thinking is not facts. The decision of IHM to cancel Fair and Schmuck 2020 did not come out of the blue; it followed extensive reporting on the cancellation of other major German fairs and experts’ urges to government to forbid events.

#3: Peer pressure may damage your health and public image. Risking to get infected and infect others, in order „to be there and be seen”, is immature. Labelling fellow artists warning of the pandemic as “panic makers”, “hysterics”, “event destroyers” is disgraceful. Social responibility may require that you swim against the stream.

#4: A „jewlery week“ is more beneficial to established artists to consolidate their reputation. More customized approaches to work promoting may help emerging artists more to stand out from the crowd.

#5: Have a Plan B! Cooperate with a real gallery and reschedule your show if needed, instead of leasing a venue via a rental platform. Though useful, digital shows cannot replace the real See, Touch, Try on, Talk, Buy. The importance of “crowds” visiting a show may be reconsidered. Artists may target more exclusive guests or offer views by appointment only.


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