32 artists wanted 4 fee free AIR+Show Greece_2020!

Why excellent jewellery artists with excellent work hit the ceiling in their career, although they do – at first glance – everything right: they study at the right schools, exhibit at the right venues, appear in the right meetings: weeks, fairs, shows?

Why do they fail to go higher, to exhibit in prestigious art institutions, to become part of prestigious art collections, to gain more reognition, to sell more? Why do they keep moving in circles, instead of breaking the ceiling and go up?

The major economic crisis we are now facing makes an artist’s decision to move inside the tiny international contemporary jewellery circle look suicidal.

Artists, beware of the trap of the “closed circuit” – a circle which is perfect and lucrative for its makers, once they make you believe they are indispensable VIPs; a trap that “recycles” you from one frustrating event to the next without bringing you a single step closer to your career goals.

ZLR Betriebsimperium will soon announce two (2) FEE FREE artist residency/workshop/show programs in Greece inspired by the need to address and break the trap of any “closed circuit”. Thirty two (32) artists – selected through a transparent OPEN CALL procedure – participate in the programs for FREE. The programs take place in Greece in the second half of 2020.

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