Just one more… (recycled love letter)


Text and work by Lital Mendel

Collection name: Just one more…

Repetitive patterns have always fascinated me. The methodical recurrence of a single element, as a building block for a bigger structure, has a powerful effect which grows the more the unit is used.

Every piece of jewelry is made of hundreds of units. At first the units had no influence on the jewelry (except for the one I intended them to have), but as I added more and more of them they started to have a growing impact on the shape and flexibility of the jewelry.

The creation of this collection always involves dealing with the conflict between the material and its “will” and my intentions the designer.

This collection refers to recycling in two aspect: the first one is that the jewelry are made from recycled paper.
Secondly, early in our relationship, me and my partner had to…

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