Fascinated by Pop Culture


Text by Susanne Bachmann/Thikwa Werkstatt Für Theater und Kunst Berlin. Mask by Oliver Rincke. Credit: Thikwa Werkstatt Für Theater und Kunst Berlin.

Oliver Rincke_b. Berlin_1978.

Oliver Rincke works in the “Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst” in Berlin since 2010. He is a successful theater performer and an awarded visual artist.

He learned how to work with textile in a specialized workshop* in 2013 ; since then, he has constantly developed his own technique.

His textile art is highly original; its imagery and color combinations remind viewers of South American art and pop culture.

His wool compositions are inspired by motifs he finds in magazines, books or the Internet. Oliver Rincke is fascinated by the pop culture myths of masculinity, strength and power, sex and love. Cartoon characters, wrestling, action movies etc. are present in his work.

Oliver Rincke has been awarded the Lothar Späth Prize 2016. His textile works…

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