The minimum space to remain civilized_Schmuckwoche Munich 2020

Templon in 17th century church in Arcadia, Greece. Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler.

Templon is a wooden panel dividing the sanctuary from the congregation in the Orthodox church. Mysteries of life, death and resurrection are performed in the tiny space behind the templon and secrets are kept.

The origin of templon lies in ancient Greek theater. In the Christian era, templons become visual manuals on introducing the faithful to the important episodes in the life of Christ.

Our new project at Schmuckwoche Munich 2020 focuses on the concept of the minimum space that has to remain intact, collectively owned and untouched from greed, if we wish to remain civilized.

The group show follows an artist residency in Athens (including an intensive performance workshop, a series of museums and sites visits/ lectures on Greek art and jewellery, a unique experience of social bonding during an archaic public ceremony and a live presentation of the participants’ performances and jewellery at an art venue in down town Athens) in November 2019.

Jewellery artists working with or interested in performance are encouraged to apply.

Click here for details or email:




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