OPEN CALL: THE INITIATION WORKSHOP – 7-day/6 night artists residency // Performance, Narrative & Ritual Experience Workshop + public presentation in Athens, Greece

The Initiation Workshop addresses international artists who work in the field of performance, interdisciplinary art, multimedia or design and have a strong interest in the contemporary meaning of ancient Greek mythology, theater, narrative, ceremony and ritual.

Performers, visual and media artists, jewellery and fashion artists/designers who wish to extend their knowledge and practice of the symbolic and physical expression of Greece’s most ancient performance traditions are encouraged to apply.

The Initiation Workshop focuses on the trinity: body – ritual – narrative to update mythology and make its contemporary meaning be felt via the channels of contemporary art and performance.

The 7-day workshop includes accommodation, an exclusive performance workshop, the experience of participating in a unique, ancient community ritual, guided visits in UNESCO sites and major museum collections in Athens, an intensive development of the artists’ conceptual work and practice, a presentation of the participants’ new performances in a central Athens venue, as well as Press/Social media/ PR promotion of the project/event.
Maximum number of participants: eight


The Initiation Workshop alludes to the dances and rituals performed to honor Demeter, the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture, and her daughter Peresephone, queen of Hades (Underworld), during the initiation of their followers at Eleusinian Mysteries.

The mysteries introduced participants in a blissful and meaningful life and liberated them from the fear of death while celebrating the cycle of nature and life, the sharing of food and knowledge inside a community, the abolishment of social hierarchy.

The Eleusinian mysteries lasted for appr. 2,000 years; it was the most sacred event of the Greek-Roman world. Although the sanctuary of Eleusina was destroyed in 395 AD by Christian vandals, the site is still considered as on one of the most powerful archaeological venues of Greece, while the ancient mysteries – and their sacred architecture, objects, performances, doctrine – continued to exist under a Christian disguise to our present day.

Dance, performances, costumes, jewellery, tales, healing and social bonding were not separate instances and actions at the very beginning of art. The Initiation Quartet’s holistic approach to performance, dance and ritual aims at reuniting contemporary art’s fragmented reality by linking physical expression to a strong narrative and the understanding of allegories and symbols.

For more information on the program+how to apply+relevant fee, please contact:

Application deadline: 15 September




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