Man made New_Nature mirrors life while threatening planet earth

Photo: Fabiana Gadano_New Nature_Credit: Damián Wasser

Fabiana Gadano’s work for Wert/voll is made of  synthetic material used in objects of daily use, such as plastic bottles. The “new nature” man created himself in the last hundred years mirrors life and now threatens to replace it.

The excessive use of plastic is besieging the planet. Recycling PET (polyethylene
terephthalate) is a means to make art and raise social consciousness on the issue. Applying it to jewellery – a powerful agent of communication – is an attempt to reflect on today’s values regarding life quality and on consumerism“.

The double show Wert/voll funded by the German Federal Agency for the Environment (UBA) opens on 11 September 2019 at UBA headquarters in Dessau. The show continues in Grassi Museum Leipzig in October and runs parallel to the notorious Grassimesse. The show features twenty artists from Europe, Americas and Asia ad is curated by Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards.

New Nature 2 _MG_0448.jpg



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