Europe’s Top Jewellery Event Seeks to Stay Independent_Corona Virus Updated

The corona virus crisis makes it obvious to everybody that time has come to speak up.

After Schmuck 2020 cancelation – following public health directives and suggestions issued by the German federal government, directives which also resulted in the cancelation of numerous fairs, events and concerts – such as IBT Berlin (world’s biggest tourism fair) or Leipzig Book Fair (one of the world’s oldest) – I think we are entitled to express anger – if not contempt – when self-proclaimed “organizers” – other than IHM/Schmuck Sonderschau – underestimate public health dangers and pretend they have a saying in the development of this year’s Munich event.

I also think that artists and designers who believe that the appr. 100.000 visitors of Handwerk & Design fair/Schmuck Sonderschau will come to Munich for their show despite the corona virus crisis must be very vain – if not self deluded.

“Force majeur” is a juristical term applying to situations such as the one we are experiencing now. Organizers of shows or events must always have a Plan B backed by written agreements, financial provisions and personal flexibility. Unprofessionals unaware of the skills requested to manage a crisis, call the ones who support the IHM/ Schmuck Sonderschau decision to cancel Schmuck 2020: “panic makers”.

They do not only manifest social irresponsibility; they are dangerous people, for they think that their business has priority over the directives of the international medical community and German government – even if this resuls in a personal or collective catastrophe.

The eventuality of pneumonia, a disease you cannot get rid of easily – as any former patient will tell you, or of a 14 day quarantine (forced confinement) in Germany may result in higher risk, cost or even infirmity for the coming months than the cancelation or postponement of your show.

Paying a fee to be part of a map does not upgrade the designer/compiler of this map to an “organizer” of anything.  Staging parties and events for your public and friends does not make you an official organizer of anything nor upgrades you to a “speaker” of any fictive or real “community” other than a speaker of your own event.

Artists and designers ignoring the “Who Is Who” of Schmuckwoche München will read useful information regarding the event in the link below. The article was written a year ago, has been published at Klimt02 and a year later – as far as public dialogue or comments is concerned – remains unchallenged.

If you wish to read the article, please go to the link below:


Picture: The Jeweller’s Hell_Loukia Richards, 2018.



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