Jewellery as a means of political discourse

Picture: Loukia Richards_2014_The party is over! Credit: Christoph Ziegler

Our group show Wert/voll – funded by the Federal Agency for the Environment (UBA) and to be presented in Dessau and Grassi Museum Leipzig _Germany (11 Sept-3 Nov 2019) – questions the power of jewellery to influence social values.
UBA is the scientific branch of the German Federal Ministry of the Environment.

Jewellery has been chosen to highlight the present intense political discourse for its great potential to reach a broad public due to its mobile character. Needless to say, jewellery makers are among the pioneers who established environmentally sane standards in the arts and crafts sector in the last twenty years.

The show features twenty artists from Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, China, USA, Argentina working with objet trouvé, ready mades, recycled materials, organic remains, e-waste etc.
The show is based on a concept and is curated by Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards.
It is the third art project the artists have been assigned by UBA (after Zyklus and Utopisches Institut Dessau – 2013) and the last one in a series of explicitly “green art projects” aiming at raising public awareness on relevant issues:
Test Drive_Schmuckwoche (München 2016), The Green Bank (Nordrhein Westfalen 2012), Bahnfasern zu Grenzverbindungen (Münster – Enschede-Berlin 2012), Camp Exodus (Berlin 2009), Das Utopische Institut Altona (Hamburg 2012) etc.

Richards and Ziegler will also chair two fee free jewellery workshops in Dessau and Leipzig. Richards_ThePartyIsOver_kl

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