Can crafters and designers mend a broken piece?

“As we navigate our way through uncertain times, this exhibition seeks to remind us of the fragility of our shared European community. Hosting this exhibition at the National Design & Craft Gallery provides an environment for exchange and dialogue that contributes to our shared understanding of how culture can help to build community and bring cohesion” (from the article…/can-a-craft-exhibition-have…).

According to the organizers’ feedback: “We are having extremely positive responses from visitors to the exhibition at both the National Design & Craft Gallery and within Kilkenny Castle, to date we have had over 25,000 visitors to the exhibition since it opened in February”.

I am happy to participate in the Monumentality-Fragility group show with “Puma” (a sarcastic comment on Greece’s nouveaux-pauvres) and “Sirens” (reflecting my experience as an Artist In Residence at Ted Noten Atelier in the Red Light District of Amsterdam in 2009).

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