Yael Friedman_Everything but a Duck_ZLR Jewellery Awards_MJW2019

Yael Friedman (Israel) is our first nominee for the ZLR Jewellery Awards 2019.
Her solo show is titled “Everything but a Duck”
To view at Leonardo Boutique Hotel Lobby, Amalienstrasse 24, Munich. Dates and times: 13/3-17/3, 12:00-18:00
Website: www.yayo-design.com

The ZLR Jewellery Awards 2019 aim at enhancing dialogue, synergies and understanding between different #MunichJewelleryWeek2019 exhibitors and at facilitating three jewellery artists to study the rich Greek jewellery heritage during a Greece residency including a curated solo show in Athens (for the first prize).

The ZLR Jewellery Awards 2019 wish to set a paradigm for more non institutional and non commercial initiatives, inspire individual action and trigger a discourse on prestige and award politics inside the international jewellery community.

For more information on the jury, conditions, awarded residencies, awards cerenomy and how to apply:




Schmuck 2019 invitation


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