Anna Watson: The connection between Christianity and Ancient Greek religion was very moving for me.



Pictures: Anna Watson’s jewellery and some of her favorite artworks at Athens National Archaeological Museum.

Jewellery artist Anna Watson (UK) was FaveLAB’s One Artist A Week resident in Athens, where she held a solo show in late 2018; Anna participates in our new Munich Jewellery Week/Schmuckwoche 2019 team. She shows her latest work in the group show “The Sacred & The Profane” opening on 14 March 2019 at Galerie Weltraum Munich.
Here are some questions we asked Anna after her Athens Artist Residency and ahead of the creative challenges awaiting her in Munich:
1. What did Athens teach you on votives (form, customs, concepts, materials)?
It was interesting to see how votives were presented in churches and to whom they were offered. I noticed the feel of the connection between people and votives.
2. Your favorite place in Athens?
The Areopagus. (Editor’s note: Areopagus is the rocky hill next to the Acropolis of Athens, on top of which St.Paul talked to the Athenians about true God. The latter did no mind Paul’s argument about God being one and only, as Greek religion was not very far away from this concept – despite the multitude of God’s forces and faces; however they mocked at St.Paul when he talked about Christ’s resurrection. Greek religious concepts included resurrection of gods – but never of human beings, Athenians thought of Jesus Christ as a human being – only. On the same hill, Orestes, son of Homeric Agamemnon and Klytemnistra, was judged by a regular court for the murder of his mother; he was found non guilty, according to the myth. Athenians loved this myth, because it praised their city as the cradle of urban civilization, where state law replaced clan vendetta).
3. If you could choose one work of art that impressed you the most in Athens (museums/sites/sreet etc), which this would be and why?
Again the Areopagus, historically the connection between Christianity and Ancient Greek religion was very moving for me. The view of the city on the day I visited was very crisp. I also loved the Archeological Museum and the warmth of the Athenian people.
4. Brighton-Athens-Munich. If you could associate freely on this imaginary connection/triangle, what would this be?
Home, work, repetition-
Inspiration, discovery, colour
Future, opportunity, observation.
5. Your plans for Munich Jewellery Week 2019?
I’ll be making focusing on concept as opposed to functionality along the chosen theme of votives and their meaning. I am uncertain as to the outcome for jewellery week but ideas might include the ceremony of offering.
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