Anna Watson_Athens 2 inspire my Votive Collection

Pictures: Works by Anna Watson.

In her “Votive Collection Project” UK jewellery artist Anna Watson focuses on votives, the material relics of bloodless sacrifices to God or Gods. Anna is Artist in Residence in FaveLAB’s Athens programme_ One Artist A Week.

Anna intends to use the historical context of Athens – a city inhabited for 5.000 years – to develop representational relics and votives.

She states: “I want to collect and cast objects randomly chosen to solidify pieces and aspects of a place. I’d like to visit Athenian museums to gain inspiration from the collections“.

Anna is specialízed in jewellery making and light metal techniques. In her own words:

I’m drawn to obscure and uncanny subject matter, often hiding mysterious contexts within my aesthetic. In June 2011, I graduated from the University of Brighton with a First class honours degree in Materials Practice. After graduation I exhibited at London graduate show New Designers and was selected to exhibit at further graduate shows. In winter 2011 I set up a design business and acquired a workshop. I began supplying shops including a retail collection for London Design museum. From November 2015 I have been exhibiting at high end national design shows“.

Instagram: annawatson.jewellery



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