Emma Lawrance_Bridging Them to Us_One_Artist_A_Week

to send favelabPicture: Emma Lawrance.

From September to December 2018 visual artist Emma Lawrance will be volunteering at Calais refugee camp. Part of her work will also occur in the ‘Support Womens Refugee Camp’ at Dunkirk . Her intention is to find and share ways to humanly connecting with the people in the camps.

Emma’s Athens Artist Residency project “Them & Us” is about developing a performance which highlights how “crisis language” clouds our vision of what is doable. This “crisis language” may make us either scared of the situation or completely disassociated from it.

Emma works with sculpture, installation, movement and words.

She writes in her artist statement: “Using my first hand research along with found data and my practice as an artist I want to tackle widely spread stereotypical feelings.Through combining images, words and theatre I hope to create speculative fiction that contributes to the discussion of our need to empathise. My work uses dictionaries from different languages as a tool to understand cultural differences and thus help me to decipher international relations.”

Emma Lawrance (UK) is Artist in Residence for FaveLAB’s One Artist A Week programme_3 – 9 December 2018, Athens.





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