50 weeks of Artist Residency in Athens for 100,00 Euro!
Support our artist iniative FaveLAB and SAVE up to 50% off our regular AIR rentals!
Buy a FAVELAB BOND for 100,00 Euro/ One Bond A Week_ by 31 August 2018.

Each Bond corresponds to One Week of Artist Residency in down town Athens in a (shared) living and working space (Kolonos/Exarcheia).
Buy a FAVELAB BOND now and make the reservation whenever you are ready to visit Athens.

FAVELAB BONDS apply for the period starting on Monday 26 November 2018 and ending on Sunday 28 December 2019. A week always start on Monday and ends on Sunday (7 days/6 nights). You may also offer the FAVELAB BOND as a gift to a friend or colleague. You may extend your stay in Athens by buying more FAVELAB BONDS for the respecting number of weeks you wish.

All our AIR venues are within walking distance from the very heart of Athens, ideally located next to archeaological sites and museums, as well as bus/metro stations. The sunny, comfortable AIR venues are furnished with new beds, standard flat equipment and artworks. Residents have access to big balconies/terrasses.

Have you bought a FAVELAB BOND but you cannot come to Athens during the above mentioned period? You may use your FAVELAB BOND as a 100,00 Euro discount on FaveLAB services including Artist Residency Programmes, Atelier rentals,Exhibition Fees, Workshop or Symposium fees etc.

Would you like to have a curated solo show in Athens? Check our FaveLAB_ One Artist A Week running for the second year in a row!

FAVELAB BOND holders also enjoy the following provileges:

Free information on the art/design/culture scene of Athens.
Free information on artist supply stores, entry-free cultural venues, cultural highlights.


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